Much of you are asking:
What is my irrigation system?
The answer is simple:

1. Forget about the network of hoses in your garden.
2. Forget about the irrigation of green areas, which for most of you is a tedious undertaking.
3. Gain time for you and your loved ones, while irrigation system work for you.
4. Save water, which nowadays is a determining factor for most households. Constructed irrigation system reduces water consumption by 30-40%.

Why is your lawn needs watering automated?
Advantage of automated watering is needed moisture that comes in the night, avoiding high summer temperatures.
Irrigation system mimics the natural irrigation and guarantees uniform irrigation coverage over the entire irrigated area.

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Rain sensor RAIN BIRD - RSD BEX

The RSD Series Rain Sensor is a rain sensor device suitable residential and commercial applications. It saves water and extends irrigation system life by automatically measuring precipitation and keeping irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions. FEATURES • Works with all 24 VAC controllers and TBOS™ products equipped with the TBOS™ Rain sensor interface • Multiple rainfall settings from 3.2 to 20 mm are quick and easy with just the twist of a dial • Adjustable vent ring helps control drying time • High-grade, UV resistant polymer body resists the elements • Rugged aluminum bracket and arm extend a...